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Women Neon Saffron Solid Hemp Lounge Pant

  • Sustainable

Color : Neon Saffron

Size - Womens Top Wear

₹ 899

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ecentric was conceptualised to contribute to the environment and ecology. The organic way of living is getting popular every day as people learn to live sustainably and in order for it to successfully transform our future, we need to embrace it in every aspect - not just limit it to food and personal care. Clothing is an important part of our lives and the fashion industry adds a significant amount to the world’s carbon footprint. Hence, we believe sustainable fashion is the future and it is essential for all of us to be a part of an environment-centric community (ecentric).
There are many natural fibres such as flax and jute which have found their way back into our wardrobes in different ways but there is a fibre that has been ‘forgotten’ - the HEMP FIBRE. Hemp is a wonder plant that is one of mother nature’s gift to mankind. It has uses across multiple industries and is not limited to its use as a medicine/recreation drug. Industrial hemp is a sustainable alternative to many synthetic fibres and therefore at eccentric, we conducted research and found that it is an ideal fabric that can redefine sustainable fashion in India and the world.

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