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African Cocoa Butter- Raw, Unprocessed & Unrefined

  • 100% Natural ingredients

Weight : 100 GM

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Raw Cocoa Butter is unrefined and unprocessed version of the cosmetic grade cocoa butter. It is the most untouched raw version of cocoa butter and therefore may not smell the same as the cosmetic grade and will also have a brownish tinge instead of the white color of the cosmetic variety. Being untouched and raw, this cocoa butter has much higher quality than the cosmetic counterpart. There are many great benefits of cocoa butter you might not know about. It can help moisturize your skin, manage your hair, and it’s an excellent source of antioxidants. Nowadays there’s a great variety of cocoa butter products, including oil, cream and lotions, and you can use it almost anywhere. 1. Great antioxidant source 2. Makes your lips soft and plump 3. Restorative quality 4. Soothes sensitive skin 5. Pleasant shaves 6. Helpful for your hair Cocoa butter boasts numerous benefits. It has a set of regenerative qualities and provides you natural beauty. Moreover, it has a majestic scent of cocoa.


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African Cocoa Butter- Raw, Unprocessed & Unrefined

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