"India's First E-tailer Exclusively For Start-up Products"

Why This Or That?

Do you have an appetite for innovation? 

Do unique products complement your quirky personality? 

Have you ever forgotten your BFF's birthday and settled to buy something uninteresting last-minute? 

If the answer to any or all the questions is a "Yes", then we are here to provide you with a one-of-a-kind retail therapy featuring handpicked brands to curb your hunger for everything unique, innovative & interesting.


This Or That Founders

Being well-travelled, Purvi & Rohit Pugalia noticed that Indian start-ups & their products were as unique, innovative & interesting as international brands. The husband-wife duo also experienced a pain point first-hand (lack of sustained online visibility) with their own homegrown brands and saw it as an opportunity to give Indian start-ups a voice and the eyeballs they deserve in a crowded business environment by introducing the country’s first-ever shopping destination dedicated exclusively to start-ups. This step taken in July 2021 made them breathe life into the term #VocalForLocal with their venture called This Or That.




Brands on board



5 lakh+


Vision, Value & Culture


Our Vision is to provide Indian start-ups with visibility & introduce their unique, innovative & interesting offerings to the world.


Our core values include:

  • Adapting & Evolving with changing tastes & preferences.
  • Intriguing with our unique offerings.
  • Empowering Indian start-ups.

Our USPs

Hand-picked Brands

Hand-picked Brands

Carefully vetted startups

Carefully vetted startups

Pan India delivery

Pan India delivery

Why Only Start-ups?

Why Choose Start-Ups

Innovative Indian start-ups face many obstacles while penetrating the e-commerce market because it's crowded with big players having deep pockets. They never get the visibility they deserve even after providing top quality customer service, creative communication, a flawless website UI/UX and best-in-class products. Hence, This Or That only caters to start-up brands and provides a level playing field to build a sustainable ecosystem for start-ups to amplify their reach.